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Uganda Travel Tips For A Great Safari

Uganda travel tips for a great safari


Uganda has a good climate all year round; temperatures generally range between 24 – 28°C during day time; with weather changes being unpredictable. So, it is advisable to carry all your weather gear. The nights are considerably cool, but woolen sweaters may not be necessary.
In the national parks, Game drives, are advised to be carried out early morning or night because most of the animals are early-rising grazers and others are night hunters.
For other places like South-Western Uganda where it tends to be cold all day, you are advised to be conscious about weather changes.


The number of individual languages listed for Uganda is 43. All are living languages. Of these, 41 are indigenous and 2 are non-indigenous. Furthermore, 5 are institutional, 27 are developing, 7 are vigorous, 2 are in trouble, and 2 are dying.
In Kampala, the main business centre, English is widely spoken alongside Luganda especially with the unsuspecting locals. The West is characterized by Runyakitara (Runyoro/Rutooro and Runyankole/Rukiga) and Rukonjo as well as Rufumbira. The East and North are characterized by Nilotic and Nilo-Hamitic languages including AlurAcholiLangiLugbar as well as GisuSoga and Samya.


Visas should be obtained prior to travel.You can also get a visa upon arrival at the airport in Uganda at the same cost. Airports: Uganda currently has one International Airport at Entebbe. A number of international airlines fly directly to Entebbe, among them British Airways, Kenya Airways, KLM, Egypt air, South Africa Airways, Ethiopian Airways. There are airstrips however in most major towns, National Parks and Game Reserves.
At Great Value Safaris, we help process UAE Visas as well as Afro-Asian visas for our esteemed clients.


In Uganda, the main legal tender is the Shilling. Other currencies like the American dollar, Pound Sterling and Euros are also acceptable by the main service providers and facilities. However, there are numerous Forex bureaus and banks in the capital and other urban centres. Credit card payment is also acceptable in major hotels and restaurants, but it is strongly advisable to carry local currency cash while travelling within.


Yellow Fever vaccinations are mandatory, and we strongly advise that you have anti-malarial medication. In case of any medical issue, information regarding health precautions, health centres is provided. However, for those who wish to self-medicate, there are many quality pharmacies that sale prescription drugs in most urban areas.
For emergencies, our guides and guards are trained in first aid administering and many hotels have emergency vehicles to offer transport to hospitals.
People who are not fit for long trips due to chronic illness, heart disease, physical handicap, advanced pregnancy or mental illness are advised to avoid itineraries with strenuous activities.
Personal Insurance: We strongly advise that you arrange to pay for personal travel insurance when planning for your holiday. AAR Health insurance is strongly recommended.


Personal belongings should be well minded by the owners as they are at all times at the passengers own risk. The main law enforcement body in Uganda is the Uganda Police Force. These may be encountered along roads on journeys wearing all-white (for Traffic), Khaki (for others).
In government wildlife gazetted areas, law enforcement officers wear dark green and these are the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) security officers. It is highly advised not to pack a lot of Baggage to avoid charges of overloading and also to make sure it is easy to monitor personal baggage.
It is advised to always have a professional Guide or UWA personnel whenever you embark on any wildlife or nature-related activities. Always avoid travelling at night, only do when it is unavoidable.
Buying Street food may be adventurous but also harmful as it could cause food poisoning and make your journey generally uncomfortable. Always seek advice from professional tour operators.


  • The Minimum age for Gorilla tracking is 15 years.
  • Remember to carry sturdy hiking shoes if you are going for gorilla tracking.
  • When tracking gorillas or chimps, try to avoid bright colours. Dark shades of Green, Khaki, Brown, Blue etc would be best.
  • While on other safaris, you will be required to stay in the tour vehicles. For those who wish to view the wildlife, the vehicles’ pop-up roofs will enable you to take pictures and enjoy the fresh air.
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