1 Day Entebbe and Lake Victoria

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Entebbe in the local Luganda Language means a “seat” and was named so because this was a place where the Buganda Chiefs sat to adjudicate legal cases. Entebbe is best known as home to Uganda’s main international Airport which was inaugurated in 1947.

Entebbe is a town on a peninsula in Lake Victoria, in Central Uganda. In this part of the Country, we find the Lakeside Uganda Wildlife Education Centre which protects native animals in wetland, forest and savanna habitats. Other areas to visit in Entebbe include the Botanical Garden which has diverse plants, birds and monkeys and close by is the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary, which protects orphaned chimps.

Tour Highlights
  • 1 Day Entebbe Botanical Gardens
  • 1 Day Ngamba Island
  • 1 Day Uganda Wild Life Education Centre
  • 1 Day Fishing Lake Victoria
  • 1 Day Lake Victoria Sunset Cruise


Established in 1898, the botanical gardens are situated on the northern shores of Lake Victoria virtually on the equator. Experiencing an annual rainfall of 1623 mm and at an altitude of 1134 metres the gardens are set in 40.7 hectares.
The gardens house a collection of species of plants of the tropical, sub-tropical and temperate zones, besides several shrubs and other plants regenerated naturally over the years. The collection as of 1998 numbered 309 species, 199 indigenous to Uganda, 122 with known medicinal value and 110 exotic. The gardens are a popular attraction for visitors of which some 40,000 per year are passing through the gates since the rehabilitation in 1998.

Colobus monkeys are common. The gardens are an opportunity for birding enthusiasts to open their birding account for Uganda or merely to add to an existing list. Palm Nut Vulture and African Grey Parrot are resident, whilst Bat Hawk is often seen over the gardens at sunset. Naturally there is loads of exotic plants and trees.


Ngamba Island is part of the Koome group of islands located in Lake Victoria (which also includes Kiimi, Nsazi, Koome, Bulago and Damba Islands). Ngamba Island is approximately 23 km south-east of Entebbe and is currently home to 49 orphaned and confiscated chimps, rescued from the illegal pet and bush meat trade. Despite their initial trauma, chimps living at Ngamba have a safe and semi-natural environment in which to recover and eventually thrive over their long lives of up to 60 years.

Founded in 1998, the island offers 95 acres of natural forest where the chimps roam and forage daily. Their diet is supplemented multiple times per day much to the delight of visiting tourists who are able to observe the feeding from a viewing platform. The chimps also have the freedom to stay in the forest at night or return to nighttime enclosures where they can build nests and receive an evening meal.

The goals of the sanctuary are to:

  • Provide a safe home for rescued chimpanzees while also caring for the environment & other wildlife on the island;
  • Provide a high-quality educational experience for visitors
  • Benefit local communities.

Caring for the chimps is a 24/7, year-round commitment provided by a dedicated team of more than 22 care givers, veterinarians, volunteers and island staff. If you want to visit Ngamba Island and discover first-hand what it takes to feed & care for 49 chimpanzees, Great Value safaris will arrange your visit.


Do you have limited time in Uganda and would like a sneak peek into what Uganda National Parks have to offer. Then you will need to visit the Uganda Wild Life Education Centre. This is a fun and exciting place to see and learn about the animals of Uganda and the ecosystems in which they live. Take some time to learn how they live, eat, play and walk.

Popularly known as the “Entebbe Zoo” the centre was opened in 1952 by the colonial government in Uganda, as a reception centre for wild animals that were found as causalities – sick, orphaned, confiscated from illegal trade etc.

UWEC is not a zoo in a conventional sense and neither is it a Safari park but it is a centre where wild life Education is combined with Leisure. The main aim is to model the main ecosystem of this country in open range exhibits where you will observe most of Uganda’s exciting indigenous species. Comprehensive interactive interpretation and briefings on the species here is always given.


With Lake Victoria offering the opportunity for hooking one of the world’s largest fresh water fish the Nile Perch, anyone with some free time and an interest can enjoy this day out.  We have been offering half and full day excursions for “catch and release” of Nile Perch for over 12 years and our experience ensures we know the best spots, methods and also have experienced and knowledgeable skippers who have a good command of the English language.

Choose between the 9.00 – 12:30pm schedule or the 1:00pm – 5:00pm schedule. Fishing is done around local islands about a 45 minute boat trip from Entebbe.  The areas fished will depend upon the weather and how the fish are biting.  At certain times of the year the lake can be very rough with large swells and so then we tend to utilize the sheltered bays for fishing.  A picnic lunch is provided with a cool box of beers, mineral water and sodas as well as tea and coffee.  Anglers are free to bring along additional drinks required.

Use of fishing speedboat, fuel, reasonable quantity of hot and cold drinks, services of local fishing guide/gilly and fishing equipment for trolling for up to 4 persons on board.


Watch the sun setting over the equator on one of our sunset cruises. Departing from Uganda Wild Life Education centre, take the approximately 1 to 2 hour cruise on this large fresh water body – Lake Victoria.

Sip your cold drink as you watch the fishermen cast their nets for a catch. Later return to the pier for your onward journey.